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    Findley Lake is a picturesque 300 acre lake located in Chautauqua County, NY (click here for map),  Findley Lake has been enjoyed since its creation in 1815 by Alexander Findley for all types of lake activities such as fishing, boating, sailing, kayaking, swimming, skiing. and ice fishing in winter. The Findley Lake Watershed Foundation (FLWF) manages the Lake to enhance water quality for a healthy ecosystem and to facilitate the myriad uses by the public.  In addition, the FLWF manages the Lake level by adjusting the spillway overflow level at the dam at the North end of the Lake to minimize damage to docks and other structures from ice flows. The FLWF is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit oganization that is able to enhance the lake for your enjoyment because of donations/ memberships and grants.  If you enjoy the Lake and would like to be a part of the ongoing enhancements within the Lake and the Findley Lake Watershed, we encourage you to become a member or renew your membership today.

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    News Item 1:  Weeds to be Treated this Spring!

    The Findley Lake Watershed Foundation (FLWF) is thrilled to share that on April 19, 2024, we received DEC approval to treat approximately 41 acres of Eurasian watermilfoil weed beds in the northern portion of Findley Lake. The lined areas, with the acreage of each to be treated, and the weed beds are shown in the map below. The objective is to minimize and possibly eliminate these dense weed beds, and greatly enhance the usability of this portion of the lake for approximately 3 years.

    While there are also extensive watermilfoil weed beds in the southern portion of the lake, we decided to focus on the northern end of the lake this first year to enable our weed harvester to be more efficient in harvesting weeds primarily in the southern portion of the lake. In years past, a considerable amount of time is spent traveling to harvest weeds then returning with full loads of weeds from the northern portion of the lake to the unloading site in the southern portion of the lake.

    In addition to receiving DEC approval, Chautauqua County recently notified the FLWF that our application for a 2024 Occupancy/Bed Tax grant to help cover the costs of this herbicide treatment project was approved for $50,000. The FLWF will cover the additional $5,000 for this project from membership fees and donations. Since both the permit and project funding are in place, the weeds will be treated this spring!

    Ready Scout, LLC, our consultant for this project, will conduct a pretreatment survey of the lake in late April, treat the areas approved by DEC in late May or June and conduct a post treatment efficacy survey in August.

    Contact us at contact@findleylakewf.org if you have questions. 



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  • Weed Harvester Updates

    Weed Harvester Data Updates

    Learn where the Weed Harvester worked and how many weeds were harvested and removed from the watershed.

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  • Water Quality

    Boating Guidelines

    These boating guidlelines were established to create an environment of safe & courteous use of the lake that will ensure maximum enjoyment for all.

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  • CSLAP - Water Quality

    CSLAP - Water Quality

    CSLAP is a partnership between DEC and lake residents who help to monitor and collect important lake data used to develop lake management plans.

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  • Safety Concern


    Safety Concern

    PWC came within 15 feet of kids on tube being towed. Please take a moment to talk about safe operation before heading out on Findley Lake.

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  • Gate Valve in dam is CLOSED with fixed overflow level - yet the lake level changes. Why?


    Gate Valve in dam is CLOSED with fixed overflow level - yet the lake level changes. Why?

    The Gate valve is closed, and the top/ overflow level is constant all summer (barring too much rain). The top/ overflow elevation is set at the maximum elevation allowed by NYSDOT.

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