Safety Concern

A Jet Ski came within 15 feet of 2 kids on a tube behind a stopped boat in the middle of the lake - frightening the kids and parents!  The Jet Ski operator kept going without responding to whistles, yells and flailing arms to get his attention. A second identical Jet Ski passed on the other side and also kept speeding away.  The incident was reported to the County Sherrif, who was patrolling, but the PWC operator was not found. 

New York law prohibits reckless operation of a vessel.

Reckless Operation of a vessel is that which unreasonably interferes with the free and proper use of the navigable waters of the state or unreasonably endangers any other vessel or person. 

Also: As an owner of a vessel, you may be held liable for the unlawful operation of your vessel by others.

Please take a moment before heading out on the water to mention safety and remember that ALL PWC operators (regardless of age) are required to have a NYS boating safety certificate with them while operating a PWC.

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