Weeds to be Treated this Spring!

Weeds to be Treated this Spring!

The Findley Lake Watershed Foundation (FLWF) is thrilled to share that on April 19, 2024, we received DEC approval to treat approximately 41 acres of Eurasian watermilfoil weed beds in the northern portion of Findley Lake. The lined areas with the acreage of each to be treated and the weed beds are shown in the map. The objective is to minimize and possibly eliminate these dense weed beds, and greatly enhance the usability of this portion of the lake for approximately 3 years.

While there are also extensive watermilfoil weed beds in the southern portion of the lake, we decided to focus on the northern end of the lake this first year to enable our weed harvester to be more efficient in harvesting weeds primarily in the southern portion of the lake. In years past, a considerable amount of time is spent traveling to harvest weeds then return with full loads of weeds from the northern portion of the lake back to the unloading site in the southern portion of the lake.

In addition to receiving DEC approval, Chautauqua County recently notified the FLWF that our application for a 2024 Occupancy/Bed Tax grant to help cover the costs of this herbicide treatment project was approved for $50,000. The FLWF will cover the additional $5,000 for this project from membership fees and donations. Since both the permit and project funding are in place, the weeds will be treated this spring!

Ready Scout, LLC, our consultant for this project, will: conduct a pretreatment survey of the lake in late April; treat the areas approved by DEC in late May or June; and conduct a post treatment efficacy survey in August.

ProcellaCOR EC is the herbicide to be used. And has minimal risk of impacts to native plant or fish species. Water use restrictions will be in effect in the Lake for the period indicated in the table below.

Signs will be posted at public access sites around the Lake notifying users of the water use restrictions. When all water restrictions are lifted, posted signs will be removed.

Contact us at contact@findleylakewf.org if you have questions. 

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