NYSDOT Assessment and Repair of Sinkhole in Road at outlet of Findley Lake

A small sink hole formed in the roadway area above the outlet of Findley Lake. NYSDOT crews were on site the week ending September 10 to assess the sinkhole and determine appropriate repair procedures.

In order to assess the cause of this sinkhole NYSDOT asked the Findley Lake Watershed Foundation (FLWF) to provide a “dry” condition inside the outlet chamber (no water overflowing the gate) to enable them to conduct repairs/inspection. In response, the FLWF opened the gate and lowered the lake level approximately 6” before closing the gate to provide the “dry” condition to allow their inspection and repair work to take place. During this time, NYSDOT repaired the depression at the roadway surface and devised a repair procedure for the void areas discovered between the outlet pipe and adjacent concrete – see picture below. NYSDOT plans to repair the void areas after October 15th – the date when the lake level starts receding towards the winter level.

The FLWF will also be performing maintenance on the gate involving seal replacements and caulking of the frame/concrete interface.

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